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  • Tribute to the eminent French researcher and professor Andre Voisin

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    On January 7, 1903 in the province of Normandy, France, was born the eminent researcher André Voisin and died on December 21, 1964 in Havana when he had barely spent 18 intense days, teaching 8 classes, of a course of 10, on the Influence of the soil on the animal through the plant and which Fidel and Núñez Jiménez attended punctually.

    REPÚBLICA DE CUBA Academia de Ciencias de Cuba

  • Letter on sponsorship Real Madrid – Meatless Farm 2021

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    Entities and organizations in the agroecological and regenerative sector of agriculture, from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Spain wrote a letter to Real Madrid leaders, referring to the news of the sponsorship between the sports club and producer Meatless Farm vegetables.

    The pioneering organizations in Agroecology and Regenerative Livestock share Real Madrid’s idea of ​​discouraging the consumption of industrialized and ultra-processed meats and even disappearing or changing its production system, which is dependent on agrochemicals and dependent on fossil fuels.

    However, with the aim of disseminating a broader view of the contribution that a well-managed livestock sector can make to environmental sustainability, it intends to create a communication channel with Real Madrid that will also make it possible to make this reality known.

    The letter expresses the similarity that industrialized meat production has with the current proposal for “meats” of vegetable origin, which excludes them from being a solution from the point of view of social, environmental and nutritional sustainability. they depend on the intensive use of agrochemicals and machinery with a high dependence on fossil fuels, based on monocultures mainly of transgenic soybean fumigated with insecticides and herbicides.

    On the other hand, the agroecological view applied to grazing animals not only respects biology and ecosystems, but also produces healthy food ​​and has the ability to capture atmospheric carbon and capture it in the soil. All this supported by scientific articles, news and videos that accompany the letter signed by organizations and entities from the 4 countries mentioned at the beginning.

    Read the full letter:Carta respecto al Patrocinio Real Madrid – Meatless Farm 2021


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    Document published by the Unión Ganadera Regional del Norte de Veracruz (UGRNV), dated 1973. The folder shows what it is, the objectives, the advantages, some definitions and the 4 laws of rational grazing. Almost 50 years ago, the PRV was already publicized around the world!

  • Biome Pampa has more plant species per m² than biomes such as Cerrado and Pantanal

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    The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGs) has discovered high levels of biodiversity in the Pampa biome, which occupies the southern half of Rio Grande do Sul and part of the territories of Argentina and Uruguay. “Most people associate biodiversity with tropical forests, not with fields, and this is reflected in few public policies aimed at rural vegetation”, observes the professor and researcher in the field of Botany and Plant Ecology at Ufrgs, Gerhard Overbeck, who coordinated the pushing. According to him, even though the 56 species found constitute a record for the ecosystem, it is not uncommon to detect 30 to 35 species in the same space, numbers much higher than those found in the Cerrado and Pantanal, for example. The work was carried out in eight research sites in the state, which appeared to have their native vegetation more conserved.

    It is believed that this high number of plant species is due to the native grassland vegetation that is still preserved in many regions of Rio Grande do Sul, precisely due to family livestock. years pass,” explains Overbeck.

    In addition to Ufrgs, researchers from the federal universities of Pampa, Pelotas, Santa Maria, Santa Catarina and Fronteira Sul and Ponta Grossa state universities participated in the work, which was part of  Rede Campos Sulinos. The initiative was promoted by the Biodiversity Research Program (PPBio) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). Credits: Carolina Pastl

    Read the full story: Click here



  • Be part of the PRV Network!

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    The PRV Network is an extension project of the Núcleo de PRV with the objective of bringing together producers, researchers, extension workers, teachers and students interested in the agroecological management of pastures to exchange ideas, information, experiences, publicizing events and promoting thematic meetings on PRV.

    To subscribe to the network, complete the form -> https://forms.gle/UP7QVH1QT2pNTEEB8

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  • Who was Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado?

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    Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado (1928-2020)

    Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado (1928-2020) was the creator and main promoter of the PRV. He got to know André Voisin’s ideas during a visit to France and soon applied it to his farm in Taquara / RS. During the long years of experience he made changes to his project, but always based on the “Universal Laws of Rational Pastoring”. In 1970 he created the André Voisin Institute where he invented the Pastoreio Racional Voisin (PRV) and gave hundreds of courses and lectures around the world disseminating the PRV. He wrote several books, not only on PRV, but he was also influential in the areas of: Swine, for the transformation and substitution of the use of lard pig for pig meat; Ethology, when teaching the first discipline of ethology for agricultural science courses in Latin America; Agroecology, for spreading the ideas of both the agroecological management of pastures, the PRV, as well as against soil disturbance and the use of agrochemicals.

    Do you want to know more details about his story? Check the section “History” -> “Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado” on the left side of the website or click here.

  • Who was André Voisin?

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    André Voisin (1903-1964)

    André Marcel Voisin (1903-1964) was the brilliant creator of the “Universal Laws of Rational Pastoring” enunciated in the book “Grass Productivity” (1956). He was born in France in 1903 and lived his childhood in Dieppe. In 1923 he graduated in Physics-Chemistry from the School of Physics-Chemistry in Paris, he fought with the French army in World War II. After his participation in the war, he returned to France to manage a 130 ha farm, “Le Talou”, taking care of the study of pastures, also organizing a cooperative of “natural, clean and healthy milk producers”. Voisin wrote several other books, in addition to the aforementioned, which served as a basis for the planning and elaboration of the fundamentals of Voisin Rotational Grazing. On December 21, 1964, on a visit to Cuba to teach a course at the University of Havana, Voisin confided to his wife Marthe Rosine Voisin: “Today I will give the best conference of my life” and on the night of this day, André Voisin passed away leaving his legacy to the world and the Cuban people.

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  • Welcome to the Nucleus of Research and Extension of Voisin Rational Grazing (PRV)!

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    On this page, texts will be published on the various issues surrounding the agro-ecological management of the soil-plant-animal complex, Pastorio Racional Voisin (PRV). Our purpose is to disseminate and bring readers closer to the studies carried out in our group of studies. In the menus on the left side of the page, it is possible to check subjects such as PRV History, our Links, as well as our Teaching, Research and Extension activities carried out at the Federal University of Santa Catarina. From time to time more topics will be added to these menus and all posts will be published in the “Home” tab.

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    “We are convinced that we are making History” – Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado Filho, 2011